Friday, February 1, 2013

My dream knit~~~

Hello Readers!

So I was going through my knitting wants and needs and I remembered this amazing knit! Every girl dreams of her wedding day and for most knitters who happen to be women I'm sure the thought has occurred to knit their own dress, but alas it's a lot of time and yarn and craziness when YOU should be having the time of your life with your engagement and planning the wedding, however I still think it's a fantastic idea and would really like to do it for myself one day! Also a woman knit her gown and spent only 250!!! Yay money saver!

Click here to see the dress and the pattern :) It is a free pattern ladies! While I know most people won't ever achieve this goal I still think it is beautiful and romantic to think about~

Also an update on the gloves! The fingers were too small, however I was able to tear out the few rows and add a few more stitches and they feel much better! I am now onto the ring finger and I'm so glad!

Keep knitting,


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