Sunday, February 3, 2013

The biggest project yet!

Hello Readers,

I, Ashley Frencl, have embarked on a quest. A quest for a sweater. This has been a daunting thing that I have contemplated for a long time, perhaps 2 or 3 years. Anyway it started with wanting to do a sweater pattern from The Yarn Girl's Guide to Simple Knits, but after figuring out that the size small is about 10 inches too big, I quickly realized that either I had to learn fast how to change a pattern that drastically or I needed to find a new pattern.
So onto Ravelry! I looked for a while but for one reason or another could not find the perfect pattern. It then occurred to me to look through my pattern books! Being the silly person I am I completely forgot about my actual books! So finally, after paging through all the books, I finally got to Stitch N Bitch and I found a perfect pattern! It is called Under the Hoodie and has a hood and  a pocket! Plus it is only a couple inches too big which is great for a comfy sweater. As I am typing I have swatched this about 3 times so far and thankfully now I am half done with my last swatch. I kept losing track of rows and one time I had too big needles, which was disappointing. I will never get to knit with big needles! With this sweater I will be knitting with size 6's and size 7's. Much bigger than the crazy 2 1/2 size needles I am using for the gloves. Anywho, this was a small update on my knitting life, and I will be posting pictures as I work on my sweater!

As a side note - Glove number one is done! Thankfully. Now to start on the second one and just plow through it!

Keep Knitting,


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