Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yet Another Commission :) And other news

Dear Rambling Readers, 

Well, I have made significant progress on my 
sweater it is now 12 inches long! Yay, my hard work is starting to pay off, I finally have to start the 2nd ball of yarn. Not to mention while knitting it is a bit heavy, I swear I have arm muscles. Anywho!

To your right you see a very terrible photo (way too bright in here) of my sweater. 

Also in recent news I have received another commission! Yay, this time it is a very nice cabled hat. Have I mentioned my amazing fascination with cables? I've only done two things with cables but I love the technique and if anyone thinks that its hard, please somehow get in touch with me and I'd love to help you out via skype or email or anything. 

And yes, I've been working on the glove but not making as much progress as I should be, simply because I'm hypnotized by the stockinette miles of a sweater. Although I am very hesitant of seaming it all together... Oh well! I'll worry about it when I am closer to finishing.

Happy knitting to all and to all a good night,

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