Monday, February 4, 2013


Hello dear readers,

Well, thank you for sticking with me this long and reading my knitting "ramblings" Haha, now you understand where the name for this blog came from! Aren't I clever? Don't answer that.... Anyhow, as I said in my last post, I have embarked on an adventure that is called Sweaters! And the progress on the sweater is minimal but at the same it is a lot of time and effort. I am finally at 6 inches on the sweater out of 20 inches. It is a bit daunting just because I have been doing little else and still not made much progress but it looks fantastic and I can't wait to continue on and finish it! The finished project will be amazing and I'll be very proud to wear it and say that I made it.

In the above picture the color is really bad...Stupid lighting. However that shows the length. So here's another one just focusing on color.
Its a super dark blue mixed with purple and black! Much more blue throughout. Anyway that's my update for the day!

Plus I really need to start on that glove...
Also! I have over 200 views now!! Very exciting for me and thank you everyone for reading this!

Keep Knitting (and reading the ramblings),


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