Monday, February 25, 2013

Knitting Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Alas, I have yet again had a huge gap in posts. This one was much longer and honestly coming back caused me a bit of anxiety. See once I let something go by the wayside, I tend to not want to start it back up for fear of someone saying, "See I told you , you couldn't do it, you can't keep up with anything" and so I try to let things die quietly. However I believe in this blog and obviously you guys do, otherwise you wouldn't stay here reading this! Also I would like to announce that people are able to find me through google search! To anyone but me I'm sure that is not very exciting...but to me it's a pretty big landmark! That and the fact that I have double digit readers in 3 countries, woohoo! 
Also I have made stunning progress on my sweater, which translates into me finishing the pocket! However, this is a bittersweet victory because I cannot figure out the instructions for joining the pocket, therefore I will be waiting until I go to the local yarn store! A Grand Skein is seriously an awesome yarn store and the people there are super friendly.
In other news I am deciding to scrap my legwarmers that I started and use my super fancy yarn to make something for a baby :) Haven't decided what yet, totally open to suggestions, for a refresher the yarn is called Mad Hatter(click for picture) So please comment if you think something would look great in that yarn!
Not a whole lot else has been worked on simply because I got horribly sick for a week and then just haven't been feeling motivated, but don't worry! Once I figure out this pocket join I'll be in sweater heaven and then maybe I'll feel amazing enough to do some more gloves. First one on the list is Eric's! 
On a side note, I might've blogged about the Photosynthesis Shawl and how the yarn that I had bought is...well in knots, not just one or two...just huge terrible, knitter's nightmares knots. Remember, how my amazing friend Amy sent me a huge box of yarn, well this lovely friend of mine sent me Knit Picks Lace Yarn...more than enough to do this shawl! It is grey, which is my third favorite color and It's beautiful! So perhaps that will be for my shawl, and for the umpteenth time, Thank you Amy!!!! 
That is about all I have to blog about, except for I BOUGHT BOTANICAL KNITS! It has a bunch of beautiful patterns and I'm sure I will start on the hat Oak Trail soon! I just love it and its knit in an interesting way and honestly just go buy it! 
You will not regret it :) The book is not out yet but you can order either just the e-book or the ebook and the physical book, which is what I did, and it is just fantastic!

That is truly all I have to say , 

Toodles Knitting World


  1. Glad to see another post!! Enjoy that knitting!!
    Love you! Gram