Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ashley What's the Stitch(es) Part 2

Hello dearest ramblers,

Welcome back for part two of my STITCHES adventure where I show you the accessory part of my loot!

This awesome lady (pictured above ) was staffing the booth and she made the Stitch saver (pictured lower right) and her friend who was not at the booth made the bag (pictured lower left) Sadly at the moment I cannot find her business card but check back again and I should have the info posted.
This cute bag I picked up had a set of stitch markers with it! Very cute sheep and the stitch markers were plain black beads.

 YarnPop was at STITCHES as well and I resisted buying anything for a couple times but I finally went and got this cute little bag because it was on sale! If anyone doesn't know I also have a tote bag by YarnPop.

Small bag I bought                                                                                Tote bag my awesome friend Andrew bought me.


Awesome news !     
Everyone who is a constant reader should know I am doing the Skyline Tunic and I have been making huge headway! The back has been finished for a while now , the front was finished about a week ago and after only two days working on it , the first sleeve is complete! I'll cast on the second one tonight and hopefully I'll have the tunic all sewn up and blocking by Sunday night! 

That's about it ramblers! I did buy some stitch markers but those are very scattered on different projects and what not so I elected to not take pictures of those. STITCHES was amazing and I made a couple new friends who I hope to see next year as well! And for those of you who didn't know I volunteered at STITCHES which means that next year I get a free class! 

Keep on Rambling, 

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