Friday, August 2, 2013

The Tunic!

Dear Ramblers ,

Oh the places I'm going! Right now I'm in Michigan at the end of my vacation with Thane :) We went to A Grand Skein (I'd link to their website but it's down right now) and who would've guessed 50% off yarn sale! Not the whole store mind you but a nice sized cubby. I wasn't too bad, only got a few things!

Ella Rae Lace Merino :) Beautiful grey with black segments! Specifically bought this cute tunic pattern for it

Mirrorball  in the beautiful red colorway Tango! You can't see it in the picture but it has little flecks of silver sparklys in it!  Another amazing yarn from GoodforEwe :) Even already have a pattern picked out! 

And that dear Ramblers is all I bought at the store! And some food but that doesn't quite count :) 

*A Finished Project*
Well...Kind of. I present to you, a completed back of a tunic I am currently knitting!
Skyline Tunic is a pretty basic tunic that has some argyle-esque lace work on the front!

I am currently working on the lace pattern of the front of the tunic!
Other Newsy News
  • I am going to Stitches! For those of you who don't know Stitches is a huge knitting and yarn convention and I get to go for two days, I'll also be volunteering there so that next year I'll have credit for classes! 
  • If you have been following this blog for a while you might know about my love of Alana Dakos, the podcast NeverNotKnitting and her amazing book Botanical Knits. Well guess who gets to meet her!!!!! This girl right here! I'm going to PA to go see one of my friends from college and she just so happens is doing her very first book signing / class outside of California! I'm going to take her class (which is on finishing a sweater...something I really need to learn haha) and take a ton of pictures!

That ladies and gentlemen is all I have for you in this lovely blog post :) 

Love you all and keep on knitting, 

Ashley ~


  1. Yarn sales will be the death of me. Great haul! Love the first yarn.

    1. Thanks! I totally agree, what I didn't say in the post is I walked away with 4 of those beauties and I'll only need 3 for my tunic! So happy!