Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Give Me A Quiet Mind

So I'm not quite sure how that title ties in with anything but that's okay , I've decided I'm going to use song titles I like for my post titles~

Moving on! 

This post will be short and sweet and just letting everyone know I'm heading on vacation for 10 days and I doubt I'll post during that time but when I get back LOOK OUT there will be a yarn posting extravaganza like nobody's business!

*Alert!  Alert!  Completed Project* 

 As my gramma painfully reminded me ...while I start many a projects I do not finish them very fast.

A super bulky hat knit in Malabrigo Rasta! Very Pretty and didn't even use the whole skein :)

 Starting new projects

Started knitting Oak Trail again in a pretty grey-lilac color that I got at Stitches from Cephalopod. I'm actually just finishing up the brim, you knit the birm flat then pick up an astounding amount of stitches to knit in the round, and it is so pretty and so soft! Just what I need to show my support of Botanical Knits when I meet Alana! Also just as a side note Alana is working on a new book : Botanical Knits 2! Cannot wait for it.

Lacier Cowl

Now mind you, I went into this project with a pattern and yarn and I only walked out with one : the yarn. I used a basic lace scarf as my template but then decided I was going to throw the pattern out the window...and thus my more lacey cowl, since it is lacier than the original pattern, was born! I received this beautiful 100 percent Pima Cotton yarn in the mail from my wonderful friend Amy, she's quite fantastic, and I just had to knit it up right away! 

I love Good For Ewe yarns, a lot. Too much maybe? Nah, anyway, when I was in MI for my vacation I went to my home store A Grand Skein and of course I had to buy some. (this was a good month ago)
So I bought some of the lace weight yarn, in hopes of finding some pattern somewhere in the big knitting sea to knit it with! And boy did I find it, this shawl pattern is beautiful and I have recently finished the Skyline Tunic from the same book, no pictures until I sew it together. Which I will be doing after my "Sweater Finishing Class" which Alana Dakos is teaching!

Pictures for all these wonderful things will come later ~ 

Also I am being commissioned to make pot holders ! Yay money and getting rid of yarn I would never use anyway! So yes it has been good knitting lately.

Also bought some of those new fangled square needles and I like them a lot , I am knitting the Oak Trail hat on them at the moment. 

That's really all I have for you folks~

Keep on Rambling

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  1. Have fun on your vacation, and don't buy more yarn than you can bring back! :p