Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hello Readers,

I just wanted to make a special post pretty much dedicated to my lovely boyfriend, because the Cascade 220 yarn came today ! In other words that means I can start my sweater! I can have my very own sweater that I made by hand! This post has a lot of exclamations! I'm very excited though, and the colorway is beautiful!

And that is me holding all of my yarn happiness! The color way is Isle of Skye, a pretty name for this very pretty blue! and now I have 1100 yards of it! Excuse me while I go roll around in all my pretty yarn!

In other news I'm making progress on the glove I showed in the 1st post! Finally onto the fingers, but I had a bit of difficulty with the finger being too small, so I had to scrap that and restart, but now its much better, and I have decided that I will keep the fingers on scrap yarn so that the woman can try them on since I'm not sure if her hand is as small as mine, haha. We shall see~

I suppose that is all for today! Until I start knitting again~




  1. (this is becca following your blog! she wishes there was a "like" button!)