Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First post!

Hello readers!

So this will be my new blog for my knitting, perhaps this will work out well! First a little intro about me :) Also here is my Ravelry, feel free to send me messages on there or friend me!

My name is Ashley , I live in the US (Indiana) and I'm 20 years old. I have been knitting since I was 9 when my librarian taught me how, I still have the very first book I learned from! I took a few years off of knitting but now I'm in full swing now that I am out of school / looking for a job! I have a wonderful boyfriend named Thane and been with him for over a year now :) The picture is of us a couple weeks ago. He's going to school for engineering ^_^ Lucky me, I can buy allllllllllll the yarn once he starts working! Anywho I suppose I'll do a current project portion of this post :)

Current Projects ~~~~

Gloves for commission : 

I feel terrible - I was paid 20 dollars for these gloves a few weeks ago...still haven't finished them because when I first did them I was using a new pattern...which did not work out, turned out big enough for the abominable snowman! So I finally found a new pattern and they are great!
Also this is truly the only current project....since I've waited so long to do them I'm totally focused on them!

Stalled / Start-overs ~~~~

Sasha's Entrelac Hat :Also a link on what entrelac looks like :

Sadly this is one that I have to rip out because I realized (after blaming the pattern and swearing to rip it up) I had switched the way I was I was knitting backwards for a couple rows...So I'd rather just redo it than try to figure out where I need to rip to. Also the entrelac turned out kinda it's best just to redo this. Not to mention Sasha doesn't need the hat anytime soon :D
Yep...It looks funny...oh well I'll restart it and keep focused on it! Then I won't be so confused.

My gloves :

Alright well these gloves were amazing to knit! I loved the cable pattern and as my second cable project it was a bit complex for me. My first cable project was my headband and the cable was very simple. Then as I was knitting this glove my friend messaged me to let me know the pattern was off and would make a thumb gusset that would be HUGE on anyone so not to follow the pattern and just keep the amount of stitches I have. While my friend was right (I was totally fine with the amount I had, which I have very small hands indeed) what he didn't tell me was that my cable would be messed up....The cable now went up the thumb instead of up the middle. I was disheartened but thought it looked neat. When I posted a picture of it on my tumblr many people thought the "thumb cable" looked interesting and loved it! I have yet to even start my other glove...because of the current commissions and all :) But the 100% Peruvian  Wool (Canopy Tonal discontinued) I used from KnitPicks is so beautiful and I'm very glad I got 2 balls of it! I don't believe it is being sold anymore, think I got the last 2 balls! Hope to do the 2nd glove sometime soon but who knows!

Thane's Hat : 

So I had this great idea : Let's make matching hats for my boyfriend and me. He agreed and even bought me the prettiest yarn for it Elfin (discontinued ) So I set out to find a pattern and a pattern I found! Swirl Hat fit what I wanted, it was cute, interesting and my boyfriend loved it too! So I knit mine...over the course of a few weeks, it didn't occur to me that fingering weight yarn + size 5 needles = not a quick knit. But oh well! I started his hat and I think I'm on row 2. Not very far, not even past the ribbing (brim) of the hat! So here is a picture of me wearing my hat and a pic of Thane's hat in progress.

 My cowl : 

 I really like the Thorny Cowl and I was curious if I would like cowls in general so this looked like a really good first one! It's only an 8 row pattern repeat and and then you have to connect it (it's not in the round) I still haven't finished it and it was quite funny, my aunt came over and asked me to make her "stuff" when I inquired what she wanted she wanted a cowl so I showed her the Thorny pattern that I was doing and she loved it! The best part? The yarn she wanted it in only cost 3 dollars :D Woohoo! Anyway here's a pic of the cowl for me (red one..random crappy yarn) I don't even know if I'll like it once it's done...the color is Oh well we will see!
It looks washed out, but believe me its a very deep red color!

Anywho that is about all that is really worth sharing , I have to finish up a glove for the boyfriend's step brother but that's about it!

New stuff *Yarn,needles,other stuff~~~~~

The only new thing really worth mentioning right now is my HUGE package of DPNS (double pointed needles) I sold out and just bought them from China on Ebay, well excuse me that I got 11 sets of size 0-9 dpns for 4.80 , free shipping! And they work wonderfully :) I'm using them for my gloves right now! And truth be told they feel sturdier than the ones I bought from Michaels, which is sad. Oh well! Great deal for the poor knitter! and they each have there own resealable case ! Great for me :)


In other news~~~~~ 

My beloved boyfriend bought me enough skeins of Cascade 220 from WEBS to make a sweater that I've wanted to make from the knitting book The Yarn Girl's Guide to Simple Knits 
It's a super comfy, wear around the house or out sweater - had a hood and I think I'll look up how to put a pouch in the front too! Need those pouches! Very excited for this and so glad my boyfriend did this for me <3 
Yet another absolutely wonderful thing Thane is doing for me is pre-ordering  Botanical Knits by Alana Dakos,who hosts NeverNotKnitting podcast and blog at (you guessed it)  All of her patterns are so beautiful but I fell in love with this book and all the beautiful leafy patterns! Cannot wait to get it! 

I think that is about it for my first post! Leave comments on here anytime or email me at !



  1. So cool! And edducational, I now know what a cowl is!

  2. Beautiful stuff!! I made my Mom a set of slippers, one of them could have fit the big snowman you were talking about!! Lol a long time ago! Made me smile thinking of that! Great job Ashley!!! You still owe your cousins the hats with the colors of their schools.... remember?

  3. I could have sworn that you had more projects on the needles (look at me talking like I knit or something...not okay), although maybe I'm getting confused with the "going to knit" category.

  4. Congratulations on your new blog! I am so thrilled that you are excited about Botanical Knits. I hope that you enjoy it. :)

  5. Nice blog Turtle! Your works look great, though you a loser for not making me anything </3 lol love youuuuuuu

  6. Nice blog so far! Keep it up!I love some of your projects! Really beautiful. :)

  7. You are amazing, girl. I am very impressed and cant wait to try some of your patterns as well. I hope to see some projects of patterns you wrote yourself...I know you're amazing enough to do it!