Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Return of the Knitter

Hello my lovely readers who never abandon me no matter how many times I seem to fall off the earth,

I have returned! This will be a post filled with, you guessed it, RAMBLINGS! But first I have a picture of my darling boyfriend and his new robot that I made from the the pattern LuvBots from MochiMochiland. I was going to make one for him for Valentines day ...but it didn't happen so I made it when he was here for Easter!

He's so photogenic....

Moving on to other things , I have finally moved back home and have started waitressing again! Which is something I do love to do, it's fun and earns quick cash. So I'll be saving up most of my money for a car...which is not exciting in my opinion. I hate driving...anyway! That means I won't be buying much yarn, however as we all know, I have enough as it is. However, I did notice that WEBS is having a I had to notify my boyfriend of that and see if anything came of that! 

He was nice enough to buy me a skein of very beautiful yarn 
It's a fingering weight yarn and I'm thinking either a lacy shawl or poncho
Yes, I, Ashley Frencl, like ponchos.
He also bought me some very pretty cotton yarn to make this skirt . I will be making a slight change in the length however, I will be making it shorter and I'll only be using the two colors shown here.
 Gunmetal Grey and Victory Garden 
All of these yarns he picked out by himself and I think he chose really well :) 

Current Project Alert!

This is the beginning of a tank top! Using the beautiful skein of Kettle Steps that I got from the amazing Paige of GoodForEwe yarns
Seriously guys this is a beautiful kettle dyed yarn and its so soft!

Also, a few weeks ago my grandma went to Goodwill and found a bag of needles, and usually they are the crappy plastic straight needles that I don't like using anyway, so I said thanks and took it to my room. Then the magic happened, I went through it and found that over half of them were bamboo needles, never opened, still had the Local Yarn Store sticker on them! Very helpful and very nice :) I counted them up and it was probably worth more than 60 dollars, my grandma paid 6 dollars for this bag! Very nice treat for me. 

Huge bag of needles!
A quick and small update on my sweater - pocket,front and back are all done...just need to do the hood, sleeves and then sew it all together! But I need to make adjustments on the sleeves so that is why it is taking so long. 

Happy knitting everyone!



  1. Lucky! He looks very happy with his robot. Sweet deal on the needles Chiaogoo is a bit expensive so that is a great find for bamboo! Go grans! Happy to see you back :)

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you like the blog and oh my gosh I know Chiaogoo are so nice but pricey when you want a whole set!