Monday, November 4, 2013

That one post that took a whole month to write

Hello dearest ramblers who are still reading this :)

Have I got a post for you today! So many things have been happening in my life that it has been a whirlwind of craziness so therefore I have not posted for two reasons : one being that I really didn't have much knitting news to speak of and two being that I just didn't have a ton of time. I still don't have time but I figured 5:30 am is as good as time as any to write a blog post!

Knitting news!

I am a test knitter ! For those of you who don't know a test knitter is someone who takes an unpublished pattern and tries it out to see if they can understand the pattern or if something needs to be rewritten. It is an awesome opportunity for me and I get to work with Brooklyn Tweed's Loft yarn! I am so excited for this, I'll be able to start working on it sometime this week!

Also a while back I was contacted by a lady who owns a shop in my town to make hats for her! This is a very big deal for me because she is not doing them on consignment, she is paying me upfront whenever I have the hats ready! It'll be very neat to see hats that I have made and designed the pattern for in a store! Chelle's is an awesome little shop run by a wonderful woman named Machelle. (The facebook page is linked) She is so sweet and the store has so many neat items you wouldn't find at any run of the mill place.

Non knitting news! 

I have a new job!!!! That deserved to be bolded and have a few exclamation marks because I have now been at my new waitressing job for a couple weeks and I'm LOVING it. I feel much better about it and I feel like this is a very good thing for my emotional state and well being. Plus, I'm making better money :)

But seriously people this new job will be a bajillion times better, NO exaggeration :) I should even be able to go visit my friends in Michigan someday WITHOUT asking for days off! Also should be able to go see the boyfriend's family for Christmas! Woohoo! And for family reading that I will be gone Christmas day but be coming back the day after or something like that.

Finally - Big news - I turn 21 in 18 days !!! Yay me!

Sorry for lack of posting and a pretty short post without pretty pictures :(

Keep rambling everyone :)