Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Post where Ashley goes a little yarn crazy

Oh Ramblers it has been a long while,

For those of you across the big puddle or those of you close to me who just never knew, I have been working two jobs : my serving job at Bob Evans and then I took an Americorps Member position. My Americorp term is almost over so I am finally finding time to blog and to knit!

So many things have happened since the last time I gave you a glimpse into my knitting world. A short summary and then I'll dive in.

  • Socks!
  • Tank top is blocked!
  • Smooshy
  • Goals for the future

Alright so to start I have started my very first sock! Using some yarn that the boyfriend bought me during Rachel's Birthday Sale! Rachel is the amazing owner of  A Grand Skein which is my favorite yarn shop of all time in Grand Rapids Michigan.  For those of you who don't knit or just don't knit socks, you can do socks one of two ways. Starting at the top(cuff) or starting at the bottom (toe) hence the names Cuff down(since you are moving down the sock) or Toe up (since you are moving up the sock) 
Here is a lovely picture of my foot :) I am finally past the heel and I will be "turning it " soon to go down my foot. The yarn is actually an emerald green not blue..

My beautiful tank top made from Sultry Steps by GoodforEwe yarns (Paige is amazing by the way, she's the owner) is finally done! Everything is done, the crochet (done by my amazing boyfriend), the blocking (which means steaming or getting it wet and then putting pins in it so it'll "block" the dimensions that you want)
Beautiful yarn to work with and I also used it to knit the very first Hexipuff I've done to start the Beekeeper's Quilt

Okay! Now to the yarn part of this blog post. For those of you who don't know there are Yarn Brands and just like clothes there are high end "name" brands. Where some of you spend 30 dollars on a T-shirt, I can spend 30 dollars on one skein of yarn . 

Madeline Tosh is one of those "name brands" to me at least. 30 dollars a skein BUT before any of you non-knitters say "What that is just too much" think of how much you'd pay for silk and cashmere, cuz that's what this yarn has in it! And my lovely co-worker at my Americorp site bought me two skeins of this beauty 

Andrew bought me enough to do a really cool shirt that I have been dying to do called Arbor and now I can do it in the fabulous Mad Tosh yarn!

Continuing on the with the yarn love I went to Spinnin' Yarns in Griffith which is a cute little shop that my other co-worker told me about and I went crazy with a new brand I had never heard of : Dream in Color.

Dream has beautiful colorways and what I really liked was Smooshy which is a fingering weight (like for socks) and I bought a lot. Also once I went through my buying spree there was another Smooshy that had : you guessed it Cashmere (a lot of cashmere in this post) so of course it is the softest thing you have ever felt besides maybe a newborn baby. 

Picture time of all my yarn :)  

 Starless Sky
 The only non Smooshy yarn : Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton
 Global Mix (cashmere )
 Giant Peach (totally looks like Sherbet though)

The above picture is my bag of yarn before I got home =]

Okay finally my goals for the future!

Blog on a schedule :  This is something I want your input on, how often do you want me to post? I need accountability people! Please leave a comment after you are done reading with how often you think I should do an update (once a week, twice a month etc) 

Find projects for all my yarn! This one is a long shot haha but I have started by identifying and starting a project using my new Smooshy Giant Peach yarn. 

Meet my very first cardigan : 

It's a bit bigger than that now but not by much. Plus the really cute penguin stitch marker the boyfriend got me a while back.

Anywho that is all I have for the moment, please please take a moment to comment about anything on here plus how often you'd like me to post! 

Keep on Rambling !