Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Yarn Sale

Hello Friends,
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Yay! Finally a post that isn't about me coming back from hiatus...Anyway! I was blessed enough to go to the yarn store twice, yes twice, this week! And I did pretty well :)

Good For Ewe
The owner of Good For Ewe came to the store today! Paige is just really cool and was okay with me going back and forth, because of my being so indecisive, about what yarn I would buy and such. I eventually decided on three of her yarns. One of the yarns that I chose was actually a preview of a new line called Kettle Steps that I absolutely adore!

These two beauties are GfE : Claddagh and it is a sport weight tweedy yarn. I plan on knitting a slouchy entrelac beret (at least the pattern calls it a beret) with these two!

This! This is the very, super, ultra, pretty yarn that was a preview! The new line is called Kettle Steps because it is kettle dyed (super pretty subtle variegation) The one I chose was this purple that goes from purple to a lighter lavender color. It is a fingering weight so I'll probably made socks from it eventually...or something. Fingering weight is very conducive to any number of projects! So glad I picked this up.

Alright so the original reason for going to the yarn store today was because they were having a sale...bad idea. I only bought two skeins that were on sale. The brown one on the left was on sale, it is a Cascade 128 (bulky yarn) and I already have a project! I am currently in the process of swatching and it looks much better swatched than on the skein.

Okay its a terrible picture...but you get the picture...kind of.

Note to self : buy digital camera

Anyway then I bought that huge spool of yarn on the right. It is 1600 yards! A whole sweater's worth...or for me two sweaters worth. I am going to make this for which I only need 850 yards for! Yay!

Finished Project Alert !

I , Ashley, have finished a project! It's been a while since I've been able to say that... Anyway I did Oak Trail , a pattern in Botanical Knits~ For those of you who know me, THIS is the pattern that I bought the entire book for, although I have since fallen in love with all the patterns.

*Drum Roll*

I still need to finish sewing it and that little tab thing will go away once I do (just noticed it..) And honestly that's all I have for this post!

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Happy Knitting :)